Flexstorm Inlet Protection Catch Basin Basket installed in a precast concrete basin   


A 24" x 24" Concrete basin with a 62HD24FXP Flexstorm Pure Stormwater BMP Inlet Protection device is installed in Southern California.

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FleXstorm Products for CA

State/Municipality DOT Standard Structure A Dim B Dim C Dim D Dim
CA 12 x 12 Precast Catch Basin
CA 18 x 18 Precast Catch Basin
CA 24 x 24 Catch Basin Opening
CA 24 x 24 x SHORT Catch Basin Opening
CA 36 x 18 Catch Basin Opening
CA 36 x 18 Combination Inlet
CA 36 x 24 Catch Basin Opening
CA 36 x 24 Combination Inlet
CA 36 x 36 Catch Basin Opening
CA 36" Open Throat
CA 42" Open Throat
CA 48 x 48 Catch Basin Opening
CA 48" Open Throat
CA 48" Open Throat with 18" wide side wings
CA 84" Open Throat