Catch-It Lite

FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT LITE inlet filters are a lower cost alternative for temporary inlet protection. Like all FLEXSTORM filters, each device is manufactured to fit the specific drainage structure and hangs suspended from the drainage structure with built in overflow bypass. CATCH-IT LITE bags are constructed from our woven monofilament FX geotextile and achieve 82% filtration efficiency in large scale, 3rd party testing. The filter bag and steel framing system has been load tested to 500 lbs without failure. FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT LITE filters are reusable and much easier to install and maintain than fabric-only sacks and bags, which rely on the weight of the grate to hold in place. The FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT family of products provides a reliable and affordable method of inlet protection to comply with ASTM D8057 Standard Specification for Inlet Filters with a Rigid Frame.

CATCH-IT LITE Specification Drawing: PDF | AUTOCAD (.DWG)


CATCH-IT LITE Standard Sizes by State

  • High flow, woven filter bags are 82% efficient with enough storage capacity to handle dozens of rain events prior to maintenance
  • All filters include overflow bypass to prevent flooding with a full bag or during a major storm
  • Adjustable, low profile framing fits into offset castings and avoids concrete interference
  • Installed and maintained with only one worker, no machinery required
  • The 12 GA corrosion resistant framing supports over 500 pounds, independent of the grate
  • Full filter will not fall into inlet when grate is removed
  • A reusable inlet protector designed to last several years
  • Reduce jobsite flooding and keep projects running
  • Minimize residential complaints with cleaner, dryer streets during all construction phases
  • Prevent hazardous road icing conditions by eliminating ponding at curb inlets
  • Prevent siltation and pollution of rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • Helps prevent fines; NPDES PHASE II Compliant
  • Lowest cost alternative for the highest level of Inlet Protection


  • Residential Developments
  • DOT projects
  • Road Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Sediment Control