Connector Pipe Screen (CPS)

Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) is a form of catch basin protection that primarily targets trash and debris larger than 5mm in size. The CPS is inserted into selected catch basins and mounted in front of the basin's outlet pipe using a pre-installed bracketing system. Flexstorm CPS are preconfigured in compliance with the basin size and outlet pipe locations. Once installed, Connector Pipe Screens retain large volumes of trash and sediment inside the catch basin instead of the debris being conveyed through the stormwater system. Debris the size of cigarette butts and larger is stored inside of the catch basin and regularly removed with a vacuum truck. A Connector Pipe Screen can be installed simultaneously with our Pure or Wall mounted inlet filters for highly effective treatment of trash, sediments, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. FLEXSTORM CPS is approved by LA County and the California Water Quality Review Board as a Full Trash Capture Device.

Newly installed CPS "U" with Quick Release Brackets
Connector Pipe Screen shown in basin that is 50% filled with debris
Connector pipe screen right before Catch Basin Cleaning
"S" shaped CPS Screen installed in corner of Catch Basin
Newly installed Extended connector pipe screen in basin
Connector Pipe Screen Mounted to Inside of Nyloplast 24" Basin
  • 14 GA 5mm Opening Perforated stainless steel
  • Keeps all particles >5mm trapped inside catch basin (Cigarette butts and larger)
  • Comes in 3 shapes (U, U-EXT, L), depending on catch basin size, shape, and manhole location
  • Trash accumulates in catch basin allowing for easy cleaning with a Vacuum truck
  • 50% Open area is always larger than the outlet pipe it covers. Does not restrict flow.
  • San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board Approved
  • California Regional Water Quality Control Board Approved
  • Mosquito Vector Control Approved lid available upon request
  • Quick and easy install. Ships sized to catch basin. No assembly required.
  • Good for Retrofits or New Applications
  • Made in USA
  • LA County Approved
  • Optional Quick Release Brackets allow device to be removed for easy line or jet cleaning.