FleXstorm Catch-It: Temporary Inlet Protection

The FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT system is the preferred catch basin insert for temporary inlet protection, jobsite erosion control, and stormwater filtration.  FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT catch basin inserts are shipped to fit any drainage structure: rectangular, round, rolled curb and open throat drainage structures are all easily protected with our robust 11GA galvanized framing system and replaceable filter bags.  FLEXSTORM geotextile filter bags are constructed from Woven (FX) or Nonwoven (IL) fabrics which effectively control eroded material from leaving the jobsite, achieving > 80% filtration efficiency. Whether you are the specifier or the user it is clear to see how FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT Inlet Filters outperform the competition.  The FLEXSTORM CATCH-IT family of products provides a reliable and affordable method of inlet protection to comply with ASTM D8057 Standard Specification for Inlet Filters with a Rigid Frame. 

Although standard designs have been established nationwide, FLEXSTORM will custom fabricate CATCH-IT framing configurations for any job quantity requirement.  Simply find your casting number on one of our state cross reference guides or complete a field dimensional form.

Watch FleXstorm perform during a major rain event.


FleXstorm Catch-It water quality device for square grate inlet
FleXstorm round manhole Catch-It water quality device
Flexstorm catch-it water quality device with Curb Flap shown installed on a construction site
A 36 x 18 BMP Curb inlet protection device installed alongside an Iowa roadway.
FleXstorm Wall Mounted inlet filters shown installed in Catch Basin
A Flexstorm Temporary Catch Basin water quality device BMP is serviced
FleXstorm Rolled Curb catch basin insert installed in the field
FleXstorm Rolled Curb catch basin inserts installed in the curb line during a large rain event
FleXstorm Curb Box inlet filter shown with extended back underneath the curb inlet
A 28x18 Temporary Construction BMP Filter installed in the Greater Miami Area
Two Side by Side FleXstorm inlet filters installed in an Area Grate
Florida P-5 Catch Basin Insert, temporary inlet protection, BMP
A round temporary catch basin insert inlet protection Device installed in a parking lot divider
  • Configurable: steel frames configured and guaranteed to fit ANY storm drainage structure
  • Adjustable: although shipped to fit your inlet, rectangular framing may be field adjusted in
  • Reusable: galvanized framing will last year after year in harsh conditions, while geotextile filter bags are easily replaced after several years of use
  • Effective: works below grade; overflow feature allows streets to drain with full bag; third party testing results of the FX filter bag show 82%
  • Affordable: low per-unit cost; installs in seconds; easily maintained with Universal Removal Tool (no machinery required)
  • Reduce jobsite flooding and keep projects running
  • Minimize residential complaints with cleaner, dryer streets during all construction phases
  • Prevent hazardous road icing conditions by eliminating ponding at curb inlets
  • Significantly reduce cleanup costs
  • Prevent siltation and pollution of rivers, lakes, and ponds
  • Helps prevent fines; NPDES PHASE II Compliant
  • Lowest cost alternative for the highest level of Inlet Protection
  • Available through 5,000 ADS distributors nationwide
  • Ships within 48 hours


  • DOT
  • Road Construction
  • Commercial
  • Parking Lots
  • Industrial
  • Maintenance
  • Residential Developments

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