Filter Bags

Flexstorm water quality catch basin insert bags are 22” in depth and are designed in a cone shape. The bag storage capacity and overall flow rate will vary depending on the water quality unit's frame size.

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FX / FX+ / FXO:   Larger Particle Filtration with High Flow Rates

Filtration Efficiency = 82%*

Large-Scale Sediment Retention Device Testing of Flexstorm FX Catch Basin Inserts
*Large scale, 3rd party testing per ASTM D 7351, Standard Test Method for Determination of Sediment Retention Device Effectiveness in Sheet Flow Application using 7% USDA Sandy Loam

FX: Flexstorm standard woven bag for temporary or permanent applications where high flow rates and lower maintenance is desired. The standard FX woven polypropylene bag has the highest flow rate in the industry at 200 gpm/sqft material. This durable geotextile resists clogging and cleans up easily. It is well suited for construction sites and heavy flow drainage areas. It is also suitable for post construction areas capturing larger particles and requiring less frequent maintenance. The FX woven bag will not remove any oil or grease other than by incidental capture. However, provisions for moderate hydrocarbon removal may be added by selecting the FX+ or FXO bags with replaceable oil removal media.

FX+: FX bag with Cleartec Rubberizer pouch for low to moderate hydrocarbon removal. The additional Cleartec Rubberizer pouch will continuously reudce oils off the surface of accumulating water in the filter bag, permanently bonding and changing their molecular structure. Each pouch will capture up to 4 lbs of oil before reaching saturation.

FXO: FX bag with additional oil boom for low to moderate hydrocarbon reduction. The 3” dia oil absorbent boom (replacements available through any leak and spill company) is strewn through a mesh netting around the top perimeter of the bag. This style requires that the boom has some dwell time to effectively and permanently capture oil laden runoff.

PC / PC+:   Small Particle, Oil, Grease, Fuel, and PAH Removal

TSS = 99% TPH =97%*

Large-Scale 3rd Party Testing of FLEXSTORM PC/PC+ Post Construction Filters:
TPH (Hydrocarbon) Removal for Used Motor Oil | TSS Removal for OK-110 Silica Sand | TSS Removal for a Street Sweep Simulation
*Large scale testing at 90 GPM. 3rd party results using US Silica OK-110 sand at 1750 mg/L measuring TSS per SM 2540D. TPH tested at 243 mg/L used motor oil using EPA Method 1664A.

PC: The FLEXSTORM PC ‘Post Construction’ line of filter bags is designed to specifically target small particle and hydrocarbon removal from parking lots, industrial buildings, and other drainage hot spots like gas stations, car washes, and wash bays. The PC filter bags consist of the FX bag lined with a layer of Adsorb-it Filter Fabric, which removes oil/grease/fuel and PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The layered fabric allows for high flow rates despite its very small opening sizes - as small as 140 Sieve. The PC bags will require more frequent inspections, however, they will instantly filter 97% of oil laden runoff at 90 gpm flow rates when properly maintained.

PC+: PC bag with Cleartec Rubberizer pouch. The additional Cleartec Rubberizer will continuously remove oils off the surface of accumulating water in the filter bag. It will also reduce oils settling on the Adsorb-it liner, once in contact with hydrocarbons the cleartec rubberizer absorbs.

LL / IL:   Speciality Bags

LL - Litter and Leaf Bag: Polyester mesh bag designed to capture litter, leaves and large debris. These bags will keep storm sewers clear of accumulating leaves, mulch, and pine needles.

IL - IDOT Nonwoven IDOT specified non-woven with polyester reinforcement mesh, primarily for temporary use. This bag is our highest volume design and has been implemented for nearly a decade by the Illinois DOT on road resurfacing and construction projects. The IL NonWoven will remove some hydrocarbons however it will blind prematurely if exposed to considerable silt and clay. The FX bag is a better solution for longer term construction projects (> 12 months).