FleXstorm Pure: Permanent Inlet Protection

The FLEXSTORM PURE system is the preferred Catch Basin Insert for permanent inlet protection and storm water runoff control. Constructed of versatile stainless steel, FLEXSTORM PURE Catch Basin Inserts will fit any drainage structure and are available with site-specific filter bags providing various levels of filtration. Whether you’re the specifier or the user, it’s clear to see how FLEXSTORM PURE Catch Basin inserts outperform the competition.


Specifying a FLEXSTORM PURE inlet filter? Access PDF and AUTOCAD state by state submittals: HERE

Flexstorm Pure 62MHDPC BMP Inlet Protection Device Catch Basin Insert
Flexstorm 62LHD2436PCP Catch Basin Insert BMP is shown installed in a standard 2' x 3' Frame and grate located in a Parking Lot
Flexstorm Catch Basin BMP Inlet protection Device in a precast concrete basin
Side by side FleXstorm Pure BMP Inlet Protection Device Installed in a parking lot.
Curb Inlet catch basin insert Device installed in a 36x18 frame, grate, and hood assembly
FleXstorm Pure Wall Mount open throat curb inlet protection device shown installed from inside the catch basin
Penndot (62PENNMHDFX) stormwater inlet protection device shown installed in a Penndot Type M/C curb inlet
A permanent Inlet Protection BMP basket is installed on a poorly laid concrete basin
  • Stainless Steel filter framing is custom configured to fit perfectly into any drainage structure, whether a standard design or obstructed inlet opening
  • Filtered Flow Rates and Ultimate Bypass Rates are designed to meet your specific Catch Basin requirements.
  • Filters work below grade with an ultimate bypass allowing inlet area to drain with a full bag
  • Units install in seconds and are easily maintained with the FLEXSTORM Universal Removal Tool (no heavy machinery required)
  • Multiple Filter Bags are available targeting site specific removal of trash, litter, leaves, or small particles, oil and grease
  • Receive payback on your investment: durable stainless steel framing provides extended service life while replaceable filter bags
  • Meet stringent removal requirements: - FX filter bags are rated for > 80% removal efficiency of street sweep-size particles - PC/PC+ filter bags have been tested to 99%; TSS removal of OK-110 US Silica Sand and 97%; TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbon) removal
  • Help prevent fines: FLEXSTORM Inlet Filters comply with EPA NPDES initiatives as a temporary or permanent BMP
  • Available through 5,000 ADS distributors nationwide
  • If not in stock, orders up to 100 pcs can ship within 48 hours


  • Car Washes
  • Gas Stations
  • Commercial
  • Parking Lots
  • Loading Ramps
  • Dock Drains
  • Industrial
  • Maintenance

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