Full Trash Capture (FTC)

FLEXSTORM FTC inserts are a durable and long term solution for keeping trash and large debris out of the stormwater system. The traditional Flexstorm framing system is paired with a basket made from 5mm opening perforated 304 stainless steel. The FLEXSTORM FTC inserts specifically target all trash and debris the size of a cigarette butt or larger. The large screen openings allow ample flow through and will not blind from sand and sediment loading off streets and parking lots. The baskets can be custom configured for any sized catch basin and come in square, round, rectangular, and open throat configurations. Paired with our Connector Pipe Screen (CPS) the FTC inserts are a perfect solution to meet your TMDL/Stormwater trash requirements.

  • Stainless Steel framing and filter basket is custom configured to fit any drainage structure.
  • Filters work below grade with an ultimate bypass allowing inlet area to drain with a full basket.
  • Basket made from 14 GA 304 SS perforated steel with 50% open area
  • Holds 400lbs+ of trash and debris without chance of falling into catch basin.
  • Easily cleaned with vacuum truck, takes less than 3 minutes per device
  • Framing brackets provide easy lift points for installation and maintenance. Install and service by hand or with a skid steer
  • Wrap outside of framing with geotextile for sediment capture (82% or 97% TSS removal)
  • Extended life of stainless steel basket means no more replacement bags
  • Can be lined with our FX or PC material to help achieve 82% removal efficiency or 97% TSS removal
  • Get into stormwater emmittance compliance and stop government fines.
  • Save thousands of dollars installing FTC baskets when compared to full blown water quality devices
  • Lets silt and small particles through, allows more storage for large trash and debris