Stormexx® Clean Catch Basin Filter

Flexstorm has partnered with Filtrexx to offer the latest in compost filter technology. The StormExx Clean Catch Basin Filter utilizes an enhanced cartridge filter for the capture and removal of sediment, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, nutrients, and bacteria from stormwater runoff. The filter insert sits below the grate and will fit any round or rectangular storm drain using FlexStorm engineered framing systems.


For testing data and details view the following links:

Test Data & Removal Ratings

Tech Link

Watch Stormexx Catch Basin Filter Sampled by California Water Board

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Double Basket Stormexx Unit Installed in the Field
Exploded View of Stormexx Composition
Replaceable Compost Filter Cartridge


  • Car Washes
  • Gas Stations
  • Commercial
  • Parking Lots
  • Loading Ramps
  • Dock Drains
  • Industrial
  • Maintenance
  • Chemical Plants